A. When the coach submits their line-up, check the number of players.
B. If used, FLEX must be listed 10th in the order.
C. Mark the starting DP slot – this will be the “HOT” spot in the line-up.
D. Any 9 players may play offense at any time AND any 9 players may play defense at any time with the following exceptions:

  1. The DP and the FLEX can never play OFFENSE at the same time.
  2. The DP can never play DEFENSE only.
  3. The FLEX can never play OFFENSE only.

A. All players (including substitutes) may re-enter ONCE, but only in the same batting slot that they departed from.
B. The starting player and her substitute CANNOT be in the order at the same time.
C. If the DP is used:

  1. The FLEX can only enter the offensively in the starting DP slot.
  2. If the DP enters the game defensively, the person replaced defensively becomes the OFFO (Offense only or TOP – Temporary Offensive Player) and both players retain their same batting slots.
  3. Note: The DP slot in the line-up does not change.
  4. PENALTY: DISQUALIFY the offending player.

A. All substitutions must be reported to the plate umpire.
B. A substitute shall be considered in the game when a pitch has been thrown or a play made. If a substitute enters the game without reporting, there is no penalty.
C. An unreported courtesy runner is treated the same as an unreported substitute.

USE PREVENTIVE OFFICIATING – DO NOT let a violation occur!!!