1. A runner cannot be obstructed by a fielder’s verbal call. True – Case Book 1-57
  2. There cannot be a force out on a play when a fly ball is caught. True – Rules Supplement #1-J
  3. An appeal play can never result in a force out. False – Rule 5-5-B-1
  4. The ball is delayed-dead when 3-foot lane interference occurs. False – Rule 8-2-E
  5. If a courtesy runner is used for the pitcher in the top of the 1st inning, that pitcher is required to pitch to one batter in the bottom of the 1st inning. False – Rule 8-10
  6. On a checked swing, if the batter is hit on the hands, she cannot be awarded 1st base because the hands are part of the bat. False – Rule 7-4-H,J,K
  7. The batter is automatically out if the bat slips from her hands after being warned by the umpire. False – Rules Supplement #52
  8. The player who batted out of turn is declared out if a proper appeal is made after the at bat is completed and before the next pitch. False – Rule 7-2-D-2 Effect
  9. When a proper appeal is made, runners called out must return to the last bases occupied at the time of the pitch. False – Rule 7-2-D-2 Effect
  10. B1 is out if after hitting a ball she again hits the ball in fair territory while holding her bat and any portion of her foot is out of the batter’s box and touching the ground. False – Rules Supplement #24-A
  11. (Look back rule in effect) If BR overruns 1st base and starts back to the base, BR still may attempt to advance to 2nd base. False – Rule 8-7-T-3-c
  12. Provide an alternate ball to the pitcher when she requests another ball. Do not say, “You made your choice at the start if the inning. You must pitch that ball until it goes out of play.” True – NYSSO Manual
  13. (Answers to Questions 13-16 are: D-Dead Ball Immediately, DD- Delayed Dead Ball, L- Ball Alive and In Play) An obstructed runner is tagged out between the two bases where the obstruction occurred. D – Rule 8-5-B-2
  14. At the time plate umpire interference occurs. DD – Rule 8-6-F-Effect 1
  15. At the time a batted ball is touched by a thrown glove. DD – 8-5-FEffect
  16. A runner contacts a fielder who does not have a legitimate chance to make a play on a batted ball. DD – 8-5-B-Effect
  17. When a runner abandons a base and enters the team area or leaves live ball territory:
    a. The ball is dead;
    b. The runner is out;
    c. Runners must return to the last base touched at the time of the infraction;
    d. All of the above. d – Rule 8-7-U-Effect
  18. R1 on 1st base is attempting to steal 2nd base. F2’s careless throw strikes B3’s bat and the ball goes out of play. R1 is awarded __. Third Base – 8-5-G-Effect