18.01 Rules: USA Softball (Formerly known as ASA)

18.02 Maximum Number of games: 20

18.03 Practice Requirements: Number of practices to represent school: 6 (individual)

18.04 Nights rest between contests: 1 night

18.05 Individual contests limitation per day: 2 contests

18.06 Scrimmage limitations per day: 2 scrimmages

18.07 Waivers of USA Softball Rules:

  1. Waiver to USA Softball rule 3-1D to keep the bat grip at 10” to 15”.
  2. Wave the International tie breaker rule for NYSPHSAA regionals, semi-finals and final championship games. (Oct. 2019)
  3. An unannounced substitution during a contest will not be penalized.
  4. Tie breaker rule in effect at top of the tenth (10th) inning for the regular season play and Sectional Tournaments.

18.08 NYSPHSAA Softball Rules:

  1. A contestant may participate in two (2) regulation games per day with at least a 15- minute rest between games.
  2. By Section adoption five (5) inning double headers may be played.
  3. Varsity softball teams can play three (3) contests in one day only for invitational tournaments during the regular season.
  4. All adult base coaches are required to wear a hard-shell protective helmet while on the first and third baselines during the game effective with the 2016 season.
  5. Softball Regionals and on – the host team will be the home team. (May 2016)
  6. Softball regional play will be scheduled Thursday through Monday only, prior to the State Tournament. (Oct. 2018)
  7. Mercy Rule for NYSPHSAA regional, semifinal and final (championship) games, the game shall end when there is a run differential of 12 runs and when the game is considered an official game. (Oct. 2017)

18.09 Softball Scrimmage Rules:

  1. A softball scrimmage must include free substitutions and lineup cards will not be exchanged.
    Scrimmages must also include one or more of the following:
  2. Play six (6) outs per half inning (example– 3 outs clear the field/3 more outs).
  3. Batting order must be altered or modified to include more batters than rules permit.
  4. Start with a runner(s) on base with a predetermined situation for at least two (2) full innings