These rules are in effect for all games in NYS as a waiver to the USA Softball  rulebook and have been approved as modifications by NYSPHSAA


Adult Base Coach Helmet:  All adult base coaches must wear a hard-shell protective helmet while on the first or third baselines during the game.  (The helmet must be worn as the manufacturer intended it to be worn.)


Bat Grip Waiver:

The length of the bat grip will remain 10” to 15” as found in the 2011 rules. USA Softball approved softball bats may be modified with grip tape or a replacement grip to comply with this waiver.  


Jewelry Rule:

JEWELRY RULE: No jewelry, which includes visible body piercing objects, shall be worn in a sport. Any piece of jewelry that is visible at the start of or during a contest is in violation of the NYSPHSAA Jewelry Rule. Religious medals must be taped to the body and under the uniform. Medical medals must be taped to the body so they are visible. Soft, pliable barrettes are permissible, body gems are not.


Metal Cleats:  Metal cleats are not allowed on any level.


Tie Breaker:

The tie-breaker rule will be in effect at the top of the tenth (10th) inning for the regular season and Sectional Tournaments.  This rule is mandatory.


Unannounced Substitution:

There is no penalty for an unannounced substitution.


State Tournament Regionals, Semi-Finals and Final:

There will not be a tie-breaker rule used in the regionals, semi-finals, and finals of the NYSPHSAA State Tournament.