There is no penalty for an unannounced substitute. “If a substitute enters the game without reporting, there is no penalty. The substitute shall be considered in the game when a pitch has been thrown or a play made. If the substitute is an illegal player for any reason, she will be subject to the penalty for that infraction. NYSPHSAA MEMO 3/21/2001

As in previous years, the NYSSO Rules Committee discussed this rule at the 2012 NYSSO Annual Meeting. Chapter representatives are required to disseminate the information covered at the meeting.

There is no penalty for an unreported substitute in NYSSO softball. There is no player or coach disqualification, ejection or suspension for an unannounced substitute.

When the “unannounced” player is brought to the attention of the plate umpire, the late umpire shall record that player on the line-up card and announce the substitution. This rule applies to both offensive and defensive players.
NYSSO clarifies that this ruling applies to a courtesy runner as well. There is no penalty for an unannounced courtesy runner.

Keep in mind, however, that although NYSPHSAA does not impose a penalty for an unannounced substitute, other penalty infractions may still exist depending on the legality and eligibility of the individual player. For instance, a player leaving the game and returning too many times will still qualify as an illegal player, regardless of whether she was ever reported. Likewise, the Flex batting for someone other than the original DP position is considered an illegal player.

If an unannounced batter has just entered the game, this is considered a “no penalty” unannounced substitute. This is not considered batting out of order. Rather, the unannounced batter is ruled a substitute for the player who was scheduled to bat. NYSSO RULES COMMITTEE 4-22-12