About Our Organization

The Capital District Softball Umpires Association registers and trains softball umpires.  We also provide officials and umpire assigning services to public high schools and colleges, as well as youth and adult leagues within our jurisdiction (the greater Albany, Saratoga. Glens Falls. Hudson, NY area).  We are affiliated with NYSSO (NYS Softball Officials) and USA Softball.  Subject to availability, we also provide officials for softball events sponsored by PONY and other sanctioning authorities.

Umpire development is a result of classroom and field mechanics training.  Due to the large area we service, classes are held in three locations.  Officials are required to attend a minimum number of these sessions (as per our by-laws) as well as a mandatory season ending business meeting to remain in good standing.  A list of meetings, classes and mechanic’s sessions is now available  (see Schedule).



Most, if not all, of the schools require you to submit an IRS W-9 Form every year. To get a form that you can fill out on your computer to bring to your game or send to the schools, click here.



Per a confirmed amendment by NYSPHSAA on April 20, 2021, a “face covering” is required without any further guidance or specificity other than to refer to the NYS DOH.   Additionally, face coverings for base umpires are only required when they cannot maintain six foot separation from others. 
That being said, NYSSO strongly urges base umpires to simply wear the face covering during innings since umpires can easily come within six feet of others in a moment’s notice.  Moreover, umpires need to focus on getting into position to get calls correct rather than adjusting a face covering while moving into position.
As previously noted, sections, counties, school districts and individual schools may require greater precautions.  It is incumbent upon each NYSSO chapter to obtain as much information as possible to disseminate to its membership to avoid any unnecessary delays or cancellations of contests.


Message for CDSUA Umpires with Information for the 2021 Softball Season

Want To Join Us?

CDSUA accepts new members every year.  Mandatory classes for new umpires begin in mid- February.  Although not necessary, previous experience officiating any sport or playing softball is a plus.  If interested, please contact Peg Squazzo –  MathTchrPeg@gmail.com.  Please contact Peg before February.


What’s New


This year, high school softball will use some of the USA COVID Protocols to provide umpiring services for their games, should the schools allow teams to play.
Your Executive Board will be meeting on February 21st to discuss how to provide training, given that we are unable to use our normal facilities. We will NOT be starting at the usual time in late February.  We anticipate much of what we will need to do will use the “virtual” realm. Since the high school spring softball season will not begin until May 3rd (if allowed), we have time to plan for efficient delivery of needed information and testing.
I’m sure you have questions. Please be patient and give us some time to figure out the best way to prepare our umpires for the challenging season ahead. As soon as we have definitive plans, we will let you know via email and an announcement on our website cdsua.org.

UPDATE: See video above.



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